Kennebec Federal Savings

“Nova immediately understood what we were trying to achieve. They have assisted us to bring more clarity to our brand and more life to our offices. They are creative, solution-minded, and budget conscious. It continues to be a pleasure to work with them.”

Rene Turner
Executive Vice President

WATERVILLE, MAINE – Nova designed a cost effective treatment for Kennebec Federal Savings Bank’s Main and Washington Street branches to include several signature elements within a solidly branded framework based on their current platform. In addition to banding and entrance graphics with inviting messaging, meaningful and engaging elements were created to express Kennebec’s brand personality. The primary window at the Main Street office is treated with a playful seasonal campaign that we swap out quarterly. Other windows display easy-to-change layered and perforated vinyl promotions, while another is fully covered with a perforated vinyl branded display to offer the office behind it privacy, yet allow full visibility from the inside. To connect customers with the history of the building and inspire local interest, a mural depicting an early 20th century look at Main Street adorns the vestibule wall. Nova extended the Kennebec’s brand to the Washington Drive-up area with graphics and signage turning the lanes into an opportunity to engage customers waiting for transactions to be completed. Promotions on the blade signs attached to the VAT units are changed out semi-annually as well.